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Deck Restoration & Repairs

There is nothing like being outdoor and spending quality time with family. This is why the exterior of your house or the decking is one of the most essential areas. However, deck is the area which is highly vulnerable toward nature’s elements and also experiences wear and tear. After some years, you can easily see the effect of time and nature on the deck timber as it loses its luster, shine, and color.

The expert team of Melbourne Deck and Floor Restoration believes in preserving new decks and restoring the glory of old ones. We draw upon the right equipment, the right materials, and the right procedures, delivering an exceptionally, long-lasting restoration service​.

Deck Sanding & Polishing

Deck Cleaning

Beauty runs deep and this is true for your decks as well. This is the place where you spend some of the most quality time with family. To put it in other words, your home deck becomes an inseparable part of your memories. But slowly, due to age and weather, the deck starts losing its shine. What should you do? Now, we do understand that though you want your deck to look amazing all the time, replacing decking every time is not feasible.

The solution is Deck Sanding by Melbourne Deck and Floor Restoration. The procedure involves scrubbing off a very fine, top layer of the timber to reveal the beautiful and shiny planks beneath. The whole concept is to give your deck an entirely new look without replacing the timber. Now keep on making new memories with your shining new deck.

Who doesn’t want a property that is not only clean and shining from inside but outside as well. You would always want your home neat and clean. And outside area include deck is no exception. After all, this is the place where you spend beautiful spring days and summer evenings with your family. Moreover, it is the deck that has to face dust, dirt, and harsh elements of nature, which make the timber deck lose its shine.

With the professional help from the team of Melbourne Deck and Floor Restoration, you can easily remove the tiniest of dirt particle off the deck, and breathe a new life in the deck. A little bit of attention and expert knowledge, we bring back your old deck.

Deck Staining & Oiling

Decking is one of those areas of your property that has to endure the most wear and tear. Not only this, the constant attack of dust, sun rays, and rain takes huge toll on the health of timber. So, what should you do? Now, you don’t want to burn holes in your pocket but you don’t want to keep the damage going on. You need an apt solution for this challenge.

And the answer is deck staining and oiling, by Melbourne Deck and Floor Restoration. Our team offers a complete and professional deck staining and oiling treatments to keep your deck healthy and shining. With our professional staining and oiling treatments, the timber’s natural color and highlights are accentuated, wood’s grain pattern is enhanced, the wood remains protected from natural elements, and the longevity is increased. Contact us for Timber Floor Sanding and Timber Floor Polishing in Melbourne.

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