Melbourne Deck And Floor Restoration price guide for wood floor sanding, polishing, repairs and installation of wood floors and carpet tiles. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality at the lowest possible prices. Please note that prices vary depending on several factors including the type of sanding required, the type of coating, and the condition of the floors. For a more accurate estimation, call us to discuss your specific needs. This guide should give you a good idea of the cost of Timber Floor sanding and Floorboard Polishing in Melbourne.

If you want to increase the pre-sale value of your property or just want your home or business to look its best, Melbourne Deck And Floor Restoration, your floor sanding professionals, is here to help you. Bringing tired, aged or damaged timber floors back to life is what we do as well as the results can offer your whole house a boost. Melbourne Deck And Floor Restoration is based in Melbourne and has numerous years of experience in the industry. We specialise in floor sanding, polishing and repairing interior timber flooring and timber decking. We use quality products and the latest techniques to ensure a result that will stand the test of time. We provide our Floorboard Polishing Melbourne to the greater Melbourne region to increase the pre-sale value of your property. If the floors are carpeted, our initial step will be to eliminate the carpet and determine the type and condition of the timber boards underneath.

Floorboard Polishing Melbourne

We’ll eliminate or punch down old nails, adhesive, staples and any other miscellaneous materials. We’ll then make repairs to any boards if needed, using colour matching to ensure the new boards blend in well with the original flooring. The next step is the major one as well as involves a complete sanding of the entire floor/s initially using a coarse-grit paper to ensure the floor surface is flat. We use a range of specialized machines for Timber Floor Sanding which can sand large open spaces and also all get into tricky-to-reach corners and edges. After the coarse sand, we perform finer sands to ensure a good-looking, smooth finish.

Timber Floor Sanding

We then vacuum the floor to ensure the sanding dust does not creep into the rest of the house. Note if you are renovating it’s always best to get your floors done last, aim to have carpenters, electricians painters etc. finished up before we come through. Once the sanding in addition to cleaning up is complete, your floors will be ready for staining and finishing. If you aren’t exactly sure what products or stain colours to choose, we’ll talk you through the benefits of different products and give you advice on what we think would work best in your house. That’s it – JOB DONE! If you need Timber Floor sanding and Floorboard Polishing in Melbourne get in touch.

just want your home or business to look its best, Melbourne Deck And Floor Restoration, Keep your timber floors looking new with professional floor polishing services. Timber floors are considered a great asset to any property and they are ideal for healthy and allergy-free living.

We are a confidential source for timber floor polishing and renovation. As specialists, our varnish products are premium-grade, and our superior services are recognised for their professionalism as well as effectiveness.

Our experienced team of flooring specialists can polish and restore the glossy shine to all worn and damaged timber floors. We use a variety of different varnishes, in a selection of colours that produce beautiful results. We use environmentally friendly sealers and varnish, which highlight the natural characteristics of wood, such as knots and grain.

Staying up to date with the latest trends, news, technology, machinery, tools and treatments in the industry, allows us to give you the finest wooden floor polishing services. Floor sanding professionals are here to assist you. Bringing tired, aged or a result that will stand the test of time. We provide our floor sanding service to the greater Melbourne region.

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