Winter is always enjoyed by everybody, but it may not be that enjoyable for deck lovers. There are no frequent BBQs or parties in the backyard, so the decking areas are very lonely during cold or wet weather. During the season, though, the deck should not be left alone. Here are some simple methods to safeguard your deck and keep it in good shape over the spring.

Clear the debris from your deck before winter arrives, and keep outdoor furniture off the deck so that black patches do not appear on the floor. Any detritus on the deck should be avoided at all costs since it will inevitably damage the wood.

During the winter, you may anticipate dampness on your deck, which can lead to mould and mildew, especially if it has cracks or scuff marks. So, before the winter season begins, keep it clean and scrub it, or get it fixed. If you want to offer your deck the most protection possible, use a top-quality sealer to cover any cracks and protect it from wetness.

These simple hacks will ensure that your deck remains damage-free over the winter and is ready for use in the spring without the need for costly repairs. For more information on timber floor sanding or timber floor polishing in Melbourne, call us and get a free quote.

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