Timber floor sanding & timber floor polishing in Melbourne, is a specialist’s job, but with these tips, you can handle it yourself in no time.

  • Choose the right way to clean:  Deck cleaning is an important aspect of deck maintenance. Because the dirt and debris are highly abrasive and might damage the wood’s surface, it’s important to remove them entirely. Daily sweeping and wet mopping are sufficient. While damp mopping, use a mild detergent.
  • Wood responds to stainer well as compared to Paint: Staining your deck is an important component of keeping it in good shape. The stain penetrates into the wood, repelling water and bringing out the natural hues. Essentially, it enhances the appearance of your deck while also protecting it. After a time, paint on timber decks fails to adhere effectively, cracking, peeling, and looking ugly.
  • Resist from Moisture: Wet mopping does not need to be saturated since wood absorbs a lot of water, which can lead to mould and mildew. A decent stainer can protect your deck from water splashes, but this isn’t something you should do every day. After your deck has been stained, all you have to do now is keep the quantity of water on the surface to a low.

There’s no need to wait — start maintaining your deck from today! Make a call today and get a free quote now.

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